Welcome to Credit Star Funding. We help you obtain the funding you need, in the fastest way possible. Our team of funding specialists works with a full spectrum of FICO scores and income levels; two of the most important determinants in your approval. If your credit score is less than perfect, it’s not a problem. Our team will help you fix the imperfections. This will guarantee an increase in your approval chances, as well as give you the best options from our lending partners. In many cases we will even upfront the cost for credit repair and get reimbursed after your loan is approved. We strive to provide a no upfront cost service and get you funded in the most expedite manner possible.
If you meet the following qualifications, completely fill out the long application form in our back office. All fields are important. Following these instructions will greatly expedite the loan process. Once you get everything done, please advise your Agent and email to We will do a final check and book you an appointment with the funding team as soon as possible.
Credit Score at least 670 (not less than 650) and Income of at least $48,000/year
What you can expect: There is no upfront cost on your part. You may receive a partial loan or full loan within 3-5 days, depending on your score, income and debt ratio. After your loan is issued, you will pay the loan generation fee and the credit repair fees associated with Research, Documentation and Attorney. Credit repair is in most cases necessary before, during and after the loan to clean up all the inquiries. This will ensure that your score is kept at the highest level possible.
Fill the long application form and submit the following documents:
1. Last month’s personal bank statement (not business).
2. Driver License copy front and back in PDF.
3. Social Security Card front and back
4. Voided personal check (not business)
5. Pay stub for the last 30 days
6. W2 if you’re employed by a company and they withhold taxes. 1099 if you work for yourself or are an independent contractor for someone else. Both W2 and 1099 if you work for a company and you are also self-employed or business owner. No matter what your circumstances are and how you get paid, you must produce W2 and/or 1099. They are valued by banks. If there are any problems, ask your accountant.
7. Your latest tax returns. If 2018 is not ready, please provide us 2017. If you filed an extension, then again 2017 is all you have.
IMPORTANT: The Credit Karma login is mandatory. This is used to see and confirm your credit information. Other brands are not accepted because it will slow down the process with the banks. If you don’t have a credit Karma login, please create one by going to
Your bank account login is necessary for fast funding. It’s not required. However, bank statements can be falsified. Banks want to login and verify the validity of your account. At best, have this ready when the funding office calls you. If you don’t provide this information, it will down your application 3-4 weeks. Our interface is secure by the best encryption available. Your bank account is probably FDIC insured up to $100,000. We don’t have any history of problems.
The email login is necessary also. Must be the same email on file with your bank, so they can retrieve the login security pins.
Credit Score below 640 (not less than 620) and Income of at least $48,000/year
What you can expect: You are not ready to file an application yet. However, you are close, and we can get you there fast with aggressive credit repair. We upfront half of credit repair ($2,500) associated with Research, Documentation and Attorney. You will pay the other $2,500 via wire transfer. After your loan is approved, you will reimburse us the first $2,500. Your credit repair will enter a regular priority process and expected to be completed in 4 to 5 months. You can also choose our expedited priority service by paying the full amount of $5,000 upfront. Your credit repair is then expected to be completed in 45-90 days.
Please notify us of your intentions at:
NOTE: Credit repair is a very difficult procedure, not a do-it-yourself matter or something you can accomplish with cheap services or middle of the road credit repair agents. It rarely works. We use a very effective law firm. $5,000 may seem pricey, but the matter is too serious to leave to chance and the process is labor intensive.
Credit Score below 620 and Income at $48,000/year or below.
What you can expect: We cannot upfront any of the credit repair fees. You are welcome to wire $5,000 to us and we’ll be glad to start the expedite priority process immediately. Your credit repair is then expected to be completed in 45-90 days.
You Can Earn Your Credit Repair: You may earn your credit repair with our free to join Agency Program. Referring two $100k loans will earn you $5,000, which covers the credit repair legal costs. And if you continue referring loans per month your income will increase to the point where in a few months you would be eligible for a loan.
Credit Star Funding Team